In August 1976, the first Kentucky Masters meet was held at Lakeside Swim Club in Louisville. This long course meters meet, celebrating its 42nd anniversary in 2018, was originally sponsored by then Lakeside general manager Jack Thompson and club member Gary Weisenthal and had an attendance of 25 or so swimmers.


In 1981, Jack Thompson called a meeting of interested adults from swim clubs in the Louisville area to form the Kentucky Local Masters Swimming Committee (KY-LMSC). Representatives were Joanne Tingley, Gary Weisenthal, Don Eckard, and John Crider from Lakeside Swim Club; William Tingley (Bill) from Lexington Masters; George Dodge from Plantation Country Club; and Mary Graves, née Tingley, from E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park. Bill accepted the chairmanship and Joanne the positions of secretary, registrar, and treasurer. The Board of Directors consisted of the rest of the representatives. Bylaws were drawn up to form the KY-LMSC. The first clubs were Lakeside Masters, Plantation Masters, and Lexington Masters, each club being autonomous and sending two delegates to the KY-LMSC.


The public pool at Crescent Hill formed a Masters club in 1991. In 1998, this pool was rebuilt with a permanent structure and named the Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center. In 2002, the team renamed themselves to Swim Louisville Masters to better reflect the entire Louisville area where team members live. For many years, the team hosted a 50 meter invitational meet in June.

Lakeside Masters continues to hold the long course invitational meet in August; it's one of the oldest Masters meets held in the United States at the same pool.

Lexington Masters, founded by Bill Tingley in 1978, moved to Lancaster Aquatic Center at the University of Kentucky in 1989 and were renamed Wildcat Masters. They host the state championship short course yards meet, the Wildcat Invitational, in March or April.

In Bowling Green, Ky., the Western Kentucky Green Gators were formed in 1983 and hold a short course yards meet, the Barbara Stevens Invitational, in January.

The new pool built at the Mercy Health Center in Owensboro in 1999 is home to the Owensboro Marlin Masters, which has hosted short course meters meets.


In August 1991, Kentucky Masters Swimming hosted the Long Course National Championships at the Elizabethtown Swim Center in Elizabethtown. In September of that same year, the United States Aquatic Sports convention was held at the Galt House in Louisville. Both of these events were under the direction of Bill Tingley and support from the KY-LMSC.


In 1997 the KY-LMSC introduced sanctioned mini-meets-- one held during each season in October, February, and July. These meets are for KY-LMSC registered swimmers only and present an opportunity for all registered teams in Kentucky to hold a meet in their own pool, using the same format, where results are then merged by computer. Swimmers can compete, establish times, and follow their progress. Coaches find this helpful in developing their swimmers' efficiency and encouraging competition.


In [date] the LMSC-sponsored club, Swim Kentucky Masters (SKY), was formed.


In November 2017, the Joanne Tingley Scholarship was established to provide financial reimbursement for tuition and travel expenses for U.S. Masters Swimming Coaches Certification and Adult Learn-To-Swim (ALTS) Instructor Certification Courses.


The KY-LMSC registers an average of over 600 swimmers each year.


Kentucky sends several delegates to the United States Aquatic Sports convention each year. Currently, the following delegates represent Kentucky and hold various committee positions:

  • William Tingley -- Parliamentarian / National Senior Games Liaison
  • Meg Smath -- Vice Chair, Legislation committee
  • Susan Ehringer -- Chair, Registration committee / Member, Swimming Saves Lives Committee
  • CJ Rushman -- Chair, Great Lakes Zone committee / Member, LMSC Development Committee
  • Pam Luebbe
  • Andrew Magazine -- Member, Futures Task Force of Board of Directors
  • William Kolb -- Member, Futures Task Force of Board of Directors



This history was originally compiled by Joanne Tingley with the assistance of Kentucky Masters Swimming friends and officers. Updates since 2002 have been provided by subsequent newsletter editors and communications chairs Meg Smath and William Kolb.

KY Masters National & State Award Winners

Listed below are the names of Kentucky Masters Swimming national and state award-winning members and past members. For a comprehensive list of competitive awards, see the various tabs under Competition.


U.S. Masters Swimming Awards

Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award

This top honor award is given in tribute of Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D., who, by his sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication to improving the health of adults through swimming, established the Masters Swimming program in the United States.

Meg Smath, 2015

Bill Tingley, 1995


Speedo U.S. Masters Swimming Coach of the Year Award

USMS registered coach who demonstrates excellence in five areas: club and individual accomplishment, publications, contributions to U.S. Masters Swimming and the LMSC, letters of support, and long-term contributions to Masters swimming.

Bill Tingley, 1989


U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

The DDSA is given to those volunteers whose service stands out in its scope and its impact on the program and the USMS members who have benefited from their efforts on the local, regional, and national level.

Mary Graves, 2016

Tom Mester, 2016

CJ Rushman, 2014

Jan Goff, 2011

Mike Lemke, 2003

Meg Smath, 1999

Joanne Tingley, 1998


U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O’Brien Coaching Award

The KOBCA recognizes USMS coaches who are building our membership in communities throughout our country.

Jamie Doctor, 2017

Tom Mester, 2011


U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award

The JKCA is presented to those whose work in communications have contributed to the grown, improvement, or success of U.S. Masters Swimming locally, regionally, or nationally.

Meg Smath, 2009


U.S. Masters Swimming Rule Book Dedications

Each year, U.S. Masters Swimming nominates individuals worthy of dedication in the annual rule book. Kentucky Masters Swimming is fortunate to have the following members receive such dedications:

Joanne Tingley, 2004

Meg Smath, 2009


Kentucky Awards

Kentucky High School Swimming & Diving Official of the Year

The list below represents Kentucky Masters and those who officiate our meets:

Bucky Stoess, 2015

Fred Waits, 2014

Jay Grigsby, 2012

George Hubbard, 2010

Mary Graves, 2008

Kevin Scarborough, 2005

Jan Goff, 2004

Bill Tingley, 2002

Marty O’Toole, 1999

Wynn Paul, 1995


Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

The list below represents individuals and entities who have been recognized by and inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame for their respective accomplishments and accolades in the swimming community:

Lakeside Swim Club, 2016

Susan Bradley-Cox, 2014

Martin O’Toole, 2009