The purpose of the Kentucky Local Masters Swimming Committee (KY-LMSC) shall be to govern, administrate and promote Masters swimming in Kentucky, as defined by United States Masters Swimming Inc., and to assist its members in the conduct and organization of activities that further Masters swimming.

What is the KY-LMSC?

The KY-LMSC, or Kentucky Masters Swimming, is the governing body for Masters swimming in Kentucky and Floyd and Clark counties in Indiana.

The KY-LMSC subscribes to the founding principles of our national governing body, United States Masters Swimming (USMS):

- to encourage and promote improved physical fitness and health in adults
- to offer adults the opportunity to participate in a lifelong fitness and/or competitive swimming program
-to encourage organizations and communities to establish and sponsor Masters swimming programs
-and to enhance fellowship and camaraderie among Masters swimmers.


What is an LMSC?

When you become a member of U.S. Masters Swimming, in addition to registering with a club, workout group, or as unattached, you also become a member of your Local Masters Swimming Committee. Your LMSC is a regional governing body that provides certain benefits to USMS members, including printed registration cards, event sanctions, newsletters about activities within the LMSC, websites, awards and recognition, social activities, scholarships and more.


Who runs an LMSC?

Your LMSC officers are local volunteers who attend the USMS annual meeting, sit on USMS national committees, and vote on policies that set the overall direction for USMS.


Who else is in the KY-LMSC?

The KY-LMSC covers the geographic area of the state of Kentucky, with the addition of Floyd and Clark Counties, Indiana (de facto suburbs of Louisville). In 2016, we had 617 swimmers and four clubs. The KY-LMSC-sponsored club, Swim Kentucky (SKY), includes eight local workout groups around the Commonwealth. Learn more about different Kentucky Masters clubs, teams, and their facilities here.

The above map provides a visual depiction of the KY-LMSC boundaries.

The above map provides a visual depiction of the KY-LMSC boundaries.