KY-LMSC Officers

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C.J. Rushman - Chair

The chair shall call and preside at all meetings of the KY-LMSC and the Executive Committee. The chair shall create standing or ad hoc committees when necessary and appoint chairs of those committees.


MEG SMATH - Vice Chair

The vice chair shall act and preside as the chair in the absence or disability of the chair, and shall perform such duties as the chair may direct.


William kolb - Secretary/Webmaster

The secretary shall prepare and keep the official correspondence and files of the committee and take and report the minutes of all meetings called by the chair. The secretary shall also maintain permanent records containing names and current addresses of all registered Kentucky Masters swimmers, clubs and teams.


PAM LUEBBE - Treasurer

The treasurer shall collect, keep, disperse and invest the funds of the KY-LMSC and maintain all financial records. The treasurer shall present a yearly budget to the KY-LMSC before the beginning of each fiscal year.


Susan Ehringer - Registrar

The Registrar is a vital position to the LMSC and to US Masters Swimming, responsible for processing both Club and Member new memberships and renewals, and responding to inquiries from Members, Potential Members, Clubs, Potential Clubs, LMSC officers and the National Office in a timely manner.


Bill Tingley - Sanctions, Top 10 Chair

The Sanctions Chair is the primary LMSC contact that interfaces with event directors to assist them with submitting the required information needed to obtain a USMS sanction or recognition for a particular pool or open water competition.

The Top Ten Recorder position tracks and reports competitive results for the LMSC membership. The Top Ten Recorder submits regular result reports to the National Swims Administrator, and communicates notable results to LMSC Newsletter, Web Master and Secretary for broadcast to the local membership. This position also works closely with the sanctioned and recognized Meet Directors, as well as the LMSC Officials Chair to confirm appropriate details related to USMS competitive rules and regulations.


Christina yeoman - Officials chair

The LMSC Officials Chair is responsible for implementing policies and procedures to ensure that USMS sanctioned and recognized meets within the LMSC boundaries are conducted uniformly and in accordance with USMS rules and regulations.


Thomas Mester - FITNESS CHAIR

The Fitness Chair generally works to develop, collect and disseminate information to USMS members about nutrition, training, and fitness through the LMSC newsletter, website, and other means of communication. In some cases, they also help to coordinate clinics to encourage members to set personal fitness goals, emphasizing dry side and wet side training for overall wellness. The Fitness Chair may also coordinate with local health, safety and fitness professionals in the swimming community to promote events, activities, and educational initiatives that relate to health and wellness through swimming.


JIM LUEBBE - Coaches Chair

The Coaches Chair acts as the LMSC liaison with the local LMSC coaching community to facilitate the flow of relevant information from the LMSC, USMS Coaches Committee and National Office. This position leads the effort to develop effective relationships with area coaches, and assists them in their effort to develop their skills and grow their programs.

Read more about Jim here.



This position is charged with reviewing and reporting safety procedures and equipment at swim meets and other USMS sanctioned events, and perhaps even recognized events, if it is warranted. The LMSC may want to establish a minimum safety requirement checklist for each event to ensure that the basic safety needs of the members are being met.


JULIE MAY - long distance, open water chair

This position is charged with ensuring that sanctioned open water events operate under USMS and LMSC guidelines in a safe manner. The position may also be charged with promoting USMS Postal events within the LMSC.


Brad Schmeid - Records Chair

Brad Schmeid serves as the Records Chair and an at-large delegate to the Kentucky LMSC. He maintains an online database of Kentucky Masters Swimming records, found here.